Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would a dog need a wheelchair?

A: Pets that have disabilities due to degenerative mylopathy, hip dysplasia, cervical or disk disease, spinal or vertebrae problems, a ruptured disk or neurology problems that affect the front or hind legs would be in need of additional support.

Will a wheelchair work for my dog?

A: The wheelchairs are customer-made and adjustable to fit dogs' body. It is important that choose the right wheelchair and make exact measurements to its best advantage.

Why do you need measurements?

A: We use the measurements to build a wheelchair that provides a custom fit tailored to your pet. Measurements are not always accurate, which is why we allow for adjustments that can be easily made. If we feel your measurements are out of proportion for the weight and breed of your pet, we may ask you to re-take them in order to provide your pet with the best possible fit.

Q: How long will it take for my dog to get use to its wheelchair?

A: Most pets adapt quite readily to the freedom a wheelchair provides them, the time each pet takes to adapt to using the wheels varies - some pets take to using the wheelchairs instantly, others may need a few days to adjust and occasionally there are pets that need even longer.

Q: Can my pet lay down or sit while in the wheelchair?

A: Some smaller dogs can lie down while in their wheelchair, however, all pets must be taken out of the wheelchair to rest... Additionally, we recommend that you never leave your pet in the wheelchair unsupervised.

Q: Can other pets besides dogs use a pet wheelchair?

A: Yes. Cats can use our pet wheelchairs as well. Have another pet you' re considering a pet wheelchair for? Call us. We will be happy to see what we can do to help as we have built wheelchairs for other pets as well such as cats, ferrets, goats and rabbits.

Q: How to put my dog into a wheelchair?

A:  Please visit this link for a visual guide - howto put my dog into his wheelchair.