How to Measure Your Dog for his futur dog kart:

To define the right pet wheelchair or dog cart for your disabled pet, you must measure your animal and complete the measurement chart refer to the diagram below for our design.

  • A. Top of shoulder to floor
  • B. Length of back of front Leg to front of rear Leg
  • C. Width of rear Leg
  • D. Groin to floor
  • E. Width of front Leg
  • F. Width of body at shoulder
  • G. Width of body at rump
  • H. weight

Measuring Tips:

1) All measurements must be taken with the dog held in an upright healthy standing position.
2) All measurements must be taken accurately. Don't leave a cushion or increase the measurements.
3) B & D should be taken snugly. It need someone to hold pets'body and keep backside level when measuring B & D.
4) F & G are straight measurements not curved. When measuing, one holds pets' rear legs and keep pets' backside level, one measure the straight width of pets’ shoulder and rump.

Below is a visual guide to dog measuring